Founded in January 1994, this national association of Llewellin enthusiasts is dedicated to the preservation of this near-extinct breed of foot-hunting birddog.  Members receive a quarterly journal filled with articles of interest to Llewellin owners including news of Llewellin competitions, training and kennel tips, Llewellin history and other exchanges of information between members. A membership in the organization costs $22.75 per year.

From the Desk of Alfred O. King, 
Founder of the Llewellin Setter Association.

Being involved with so many individuals dedicated to this unique breed I have had countless requests to initiate some sort of organization.  I propose to initiate the organization and subsequent News-Letter of THE NATIONAL LLEWELLIN ASSOCIATION. Decided benefits would be:

  1. The preservation of this near extinct outstanding, foothunting Birddog breed.
  2. Organized information on individual Llewellin Setter owners in your area, with a list of new members included in each publication.
  3. Stud Service Availability: This list of Llewellin owners will let you know of any stud available for service in your area. With the cost of shipping a grown dog in-creasing each year, it will not be necessary to ship every dog to be bred.
  4.  News of Llewellin competition in Foot Hunting Bird dog Field Trials. (Contact me if you have a dog that places or has placed in a Trial.)
  5. The „KENNEL TIPS & HEALTH INFOš section will indude an exchange of information from members with helpful hints. Ranging from feed supplements, disease control, cleaners, housing, results of shot schedules, raising a litter of pups, diagnosis and Vet treatments, etc.
  6. Training Trivia: Secrets you and I have in training shared with each other.
  7. Question and Answer section.
  8. The ultimate formation of Area Llewellin "Clubsš and „Competitionsš. This will come about as our membership increases and we all become acquainted with other owners in our own areas.
For years I have had this type of information cross my desk. While every tidbit may not be important to all at a given moment, in this manner all such information may be passed along in a timely way. Again let me stress this will be an exchange of information format. Input from all members will be welcome as it once was in the old publications. I am very excited about this project. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a breeder has been „meetingš thousands thru correspondence and calls, I wish to share this pleasure with you all!

If you are interested in becoming a Member please contact me. Also please send copies of pedigrees you have on your dog, with information where you acquired it or them, etc. Any and all old pedigrees and information will be of use also. MEMBERSHIP FEE WILL BE $22.75 A YEAR. THIS WILL HELP TO COVER INCURRED COST OF POSTAGE AND PRINTING OF „JOURNALš SENT TO YOU QUARTERLY The response of your input and information will determine if we are able to publish every other month. Make checks payable to LLEWELLIN ASSOCIATION.
ENOLA, ARKANSAS 72047-0100

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