From the Publisher....
Dear Reader,
I did not know Drenda, my wife, and I would enjoy as much as we have, the preparation of this newsletter.
I have tried to hold membership fees to a minimum, only $22.75. This is to cover the postage and printing only. The quality and style of the printing are higher than I could have gotten by with but that is not what I wanted.
My aim is for all who wish, who are Llewellin Setter owners and enthusiast, to become acquainted and to insure the continuation of the PURE BLOOD BREED OF THE LLEWELLIN SETTERä.
I think most of you, thru conversation or correspondence with me, know that I feel an obligation to the fine gentlemen who encouraged me in the beginning. I am ever grateful and still in awe of the attitudes of these men who could have treated me as a Īsaleā and gone on about their varied vocations and businesses. All these gentlemen were professional men not dog jockeys. They took me at my word that I was truly in love with first the sport and then the breed that could literally teach me what the art of Quail hunting is all about. Whatever each of their own reasonings I feel I have an unwritten contract to uphold their breed for taking me under their ĪQuail wingā and giving me a young, green 17 year old farm boy, information, encouragement and even Llewellins that I would never have been able to afford otherwise. My first ad was placed in Sportās Afield and everyone, except these men and my wife thought I was nuts.
The period had already begun when the Field Trial Running Dogs were being promoted; thus more or less brainwashing the younger generation. During the 60ās and the 70ās the major Field Trial men flooded the national magazines with advertising that if a dog didnāt have a Field Trial Champion in the 1st or 2nd generation of its pedigree it would not make a birddog. My brothers tell me now that they could never understand how or why I maintained these dogs thru all we have been thru. Perhaps the most appreciated respect I have received is from them.
God Bless